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16 Steps to Business
So, you plan to start a new business and are probably trying to figure out where to start and how this is all going to happen. This book approaches business generically. Application to your specific set of circumstances may require individual consideration but will walk you through each step along the road to success. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Marketing
A successful business needs tip top cash management and tip top marketing. Marketing is creating an environment where sales just happen.
In this book Derek shares his marketing secrets in a simple, practical way that will guide you to success. Marketing is creating an environment in which sales will happen. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Tax Wisdom
The Income Tax Act is, without doubt, the most difficult of all Acts to understand and navigate, so it’s not surprising that there are so many misconceptions about what it says. This book lifts out of the Act (and other tax acts), the essence of what you need to know as an individual and as an entrepreneur. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Wealth
From the day that you first earn income you need to start your long term financial planning. This book will walk you through each step of your financial life, building your retirement investments, protecting your money from creditors, avoiding the taxes that come with death, and leaving a legacy for future generations. READ A SAMPLE/BUY

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Harbour And Associates
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Julian Naidoo
Julian Naidoo
17:47 21 Apr 24
Derek at Harbour and Associates has provided professional and efficient service over the years. His integrity of practice is much appreciated.
theunie chamberlain
theunie chamberlain
19:27 06 Apr 24
Derek is amazing with his advise. Eventhough we have a very unique situation where we are unable to use their services fully, he immediately knew and helped resolve our situation and gave us a good contact to help with the resolution. Derek and the company is definitely worth both a meeting and doing business with them.
Sheena Pizarro
Sheena Pizarro
14:31 28 Mar 24
After my Zoom appointment with Derek Springett(MD) from Harbour and Associates, the financial knowledge and insight he has given me every confidence in proceeding with the plan he suggested. I will have to collect and read his books on the "16 steps to financial freedom".
Lucy LSK
Lucy LSK
07:05 06 Mar 24
I had an amazing meeting with Derek. Lovely personality and very welcoming. He shared valuable and insightful information that will be very useful to my company. There's unlimited meetings with him with no charge at all. Check out his website.
Valentina Forte
Valentina Forte
18:40 27 Feb 24
I have had a great experience with Barbour and associates my company was registered within a week and other services they provided was were prompt. I still go back to them when I have other company issues. Am glad I found them
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Latest Blogs from our CEO, Derek Springett

So, your VAT registered company is planning to buy a mixed use (commercial and residential) property from another VAT registered company. This would typically be shops on the ground floor and flats on the first floor.

How does the zero rating for a going concern work in this case?

I had a lot of ...

In this instance the seller was the sole member of a CC that owned a productive farm. He wanted to know the Transfer Duty and CGT consequences of the sale. Payment to be made annually over a few years.

Whilst I would have advised the buyer to buy the business rather than the CC, there was a defin...

There are two categories of tax relief and it is important to understand the distinction between them:

  • Relief for business premises.
  • Relief for residential premises.

This is not the distinction that is defined in the Income Tax Act, but I choose it because some people think that because they’ve...

It was during one of my many meetings that I realised that this was a question that did not have a simple answer.

A client of a Personal Services Provider has to deduct PAYE when paying the provider’s invoices, so does that mean that the PSP is an employee? If so, does that mean that, even though...

By “swallow” I’m referring to people who live in the Northern Hemisphere and travel South every year (typically to a coastal town) to enjoy our summers and avoid the worst of their winters.

Now, interestingly, I asked myself the title question while talking to a South African who has lived and wo...

It may seem a bit crazy. Here are the numbers:

New company registration fee incl VAT R610

Of that SARS gets VAT of R80.

CIPC gets R50 to reserve the name.

CIPC gets R125 to register the company.

That leaves R355 for us.

And for that we provide:

Free bookkeeping for the first 6 full months. Normal...

I owe this one to Regine Masson, one of my 5 000 plus readers. She asked me the question that forms the title to this post.

I answered yes, both trusts have a conduit.

She then sent me a link to Cluver Markotter Attorneys. They had written an article about the Commissioner, SARS v Thistle Trust c...

Each year, you will be making a donation of R100 000 to your trust owned company.

Does it have to be declared anywhere?

Yes. All companies must declare all income received or accrued in their annual tax return. Here’s how:

Click on Balance Sheet.

Under Current assets – Trade and other receivables...

As most of you know, I have hundreds of meetings a year with people from all walks of life.

One thing that repeats and repeats:

“I’m nearly 60 y’know! I need to slow down.”

Most of them are aged between 55 to 65. And most of them look about the same age as me.

I always laugh, say something like “...

People used to buy shelf companies for a number of reasons:

  • They needed a company urgently and couldn’t wait while CIPC went through the tedious registration process.
    • It now takes about a day to register a new company at CIPC.
  • They wanted to back-date the sale of the company (for R100) to the...

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