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16 Steps to Business
So, you plan to start a new business and are probably trying to figure out where to start and how this is all going to happen. This book approaches business generically. Application to your specific set of circumstances may require individual consideration but will walk you through each step along the road to success. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Marketing
A successful business needs tip top cash management and tip top marketing. Marketing is creating an environment where sales just happen.
In this book Derek shares his marketing secrets in a simple, practical way that will guide you to success. Marketing is creating an environment in which sales will happen. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Tax Wisdom
The Income Tax Act is, without doubt, the most difficult of all Acts to understand and navigate, so it’s not surprising that there are so many misconceptions about what it says. This book lifts out of the Act (and other tax acts), the essence of what you need to know as an individual and as an entrepreneur. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Wealth
From the day that you first earn income you need to start your long term financial planning. This book will walk you through each step of your financial life, building your retirement investments, protecting your money from creditors, avoiding the taxes that come with death, and leaving a legacy for future generations. READ A SAMPLE/BUY

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Harbour And Associates
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Valentina Forte
Valentina Forte
18:40 27 Feb 24
I have had a great experience with Barbour and associates my company was registered within a week and other services they provided was were prompt. I still go back to them when I have other company issues. Am glad I found them
Gathered Nest Baby Sanctuary
Gathered Nest Baby Sanctuary
08:54 22 Jan 24
We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the invaluable assistance you provided us with regards to the setting up of our non-profit company. We are truly grateful for your support and guidance. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and expertise.
Bhungu Shabalala
Bhungu Shabalala
14:35 08 Jan 24
Derek spent an hour with me petiently listening to my needs and then give advice for free. Sound advice, knowledgeable and even willing to go an extra mile inorder I get helped - excellent.
Trebla Nawor
Trebla Nawor
15:38 20 Dec 23
Derek is a very knowledgeable and practically minded person with a wealth of experience. He graciously gave us unbiased, unpretentious advise, which hit the nail on the head for our circumstances. Highly recommended. Thank you Derek. .
Jenny Fuller
Jenny Fuller
05:26 30 Nov 23
I was so skeptical. Nothing is ever free in this world. We had such an amazing and insightful discussion. The different perspectives he offered gave me food for thought. The areas he had no knowledge about he was open and clear about. So appreciated his input.
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Latest Blogs from our CEO, Derek Springett

I’ve talked a lot about double CGT in various articles and in my books.

It generally arises when you own a company that owns growth assets. If you sell, or, on death are deemed to have sold, the shares in the company, in the first instance to your trust and in the second to your deceased estate, ...

You own the shares in a successful company, but now you want to move it into your trust.

Problem! It cost you R100 (the share capital) and now it’s worth, conservatively R4m. That means a Capital Gain of R4m when you sell it to the trust and that’s about R0,7m CGT.

Is there another way?

Yes, ther...

It is very important to manage any loan account that you have with your company, because this can save you paying unnecessary tax.

Loans to a company by you

These can arise from:

  • Money you spent on behalf of the company before it was registered. This is something that is frequently neglected.
  • Yo...

Wow. How important things flip flop!

SARS decided in their (its?) wisdom that a pure capital gain could not pass through the conduit and be taxed in the hands of a beneficiary. They imposed penalties and interest on the ABC Trust which, they deemed should have declared the gain and paid CGT.

In A...

There is often confusion about these donations, so let’s try to clarify the whole story

  • Every natural person can make donations totalling R100  000 each tax year free of the normal 20% Donations Tax.
  • If you have a trust then you and your spouse must remember to make these donations every year.
  • Y...

I was a dedicated smoker from the age of about 14. In my adult life, I smoked a pipe as well as cigarettes. I tried several times to quit but my willpower was just not up to it. My longest non-smoking period was a year and still I fell back into the smoking trap.

When I eventually learned how to ...

The short answer is yes. Allowances are fully taxable.

But if you are using your cellphone for company business or the company’s cellphone for your private calls, the tax implications change.

There’s a Draft Interpretation Note that explains all this.

Here is a summary –

1) Your company provides ...

What is ring fencing?

Under certain circumstances an assessed loss may only be deducted from future taxable profits earned as a result of the same trade.

An example, which is the one I want to deal with here, is when a natural person earns a salary and also rents out property. If the property ren...

When SARS changed the 2022 annual tax return IT14 for companies, they got really clever. Not only do they want the details of the shareholders and when they acquired the shares. They also want the tax registration numbers of the shareholders.

Now, since any well designed trust structure requires ...

Let’s say that one company has two businesses. There are two shareholders and each runs one of those businesses. The reason they chose this structure is that although different, each business generates leads for the other, so there is good synergy.

Is there any benefit in keeping two sets of book...

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