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16 Steps to Business
So, you plan to start a new business and are probably trying to figure out where to start and how this is all going to happen. This book approaches business generically. Application to your specific set of circumstances may require individual consideration but will walk you through each step along the road to success. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Marketing
A successful business needs tip top cash management and tip top marketing. Marketing is creating an environment where sales just happen.
In this book Derek shares his marketing secrets in a simple, practical way that will guide you to success. Marketing is creating an environment in which sales will happen. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Tax Wisdom
The Income Tax Act is, without doubt, the most difficult of all Acts to understand and navigate, so it’s not surprising that there are so many misconceptions about what it says. This book lifts out of the Act (and other tax acts), the essence of what you need to know as an individual and as an entrepreneur. READ A SAMPLE/BUY
16 Steps to Wealth
From the day that you first earn income you need to start your long term financial planning. This book will walk you through each step of your financial life, building your retirement investments, protecting your money from creditors, avoiding the taxes that come with death, and leaving a legacy for future generations. READ A SAMPLE/BUY

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Harbour And Associates
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Jenny Fuller
Jenny Fuller
05:26 30 Nov 23
I was so skeptical. Nothing is ever free in this world. We had such an amazing and insightful discussion. The different perspectives he offered gave me food for thought. The areas he had no knowledge about he was open and clear about. So appreciated his input.
17:25 25 Nov 23
Derek is a great help. Explained the best options for my new business venture. Thank you for your time Derek.
Sophie Topueth
Sophie Topueth
11:06 31 Oct 23
Derek graciously gave us an hour of his time during which we could ask him questions about our situation. His calm, analytical, and constructive approach helped us very much in seeing a way through the situation. We are deeply grateful to him!
Sabie Moloi
Sabie Moloi
08:16 27 Oct 23
Great session with Derek. He's knowledgeable, and able to break down information in a concise and understandable way. Thanks Derek
Philippe Decoop
Philippe Decoop
09:48 22 Sep 23
Derek, as usual, completely dedicated his attention to my case during the call, was very attentive to details, and asked all relevant questions to perform a holistic analysis of my situation.He answers were precise, crystal clear, and backed up by actual law articles.I am now at peace, and know precisely which actions to take.These one one one session are to me unvaluable!
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Latest Blogs from our CEO, Derek Springett

Let’s suppose that your parents are both 65 years old.

They own

  • shares in a (Pty) Ltd company which you run worth R5m. Cost zero
  • their home worth R5m. Cost R3m
  • a company which owns unbonded investment properties worth R10m. Cost R7m

Should they form a trust?

Let’s assume that

  • the trading compa...

It is interesting that, although it is the buyer who pays the conveyancing fees, it is the seller who is entitled to choose the conveyancer.

Now, let’s say that you are a property investor and you have a good relationship with a particular conveyancer.

As an experienced investor you don’t care wh...

Hey, ever wished you could multiply your writing output without sacrificing your unique touch? Well, meet ChatGPT – it’s like having a writing sidekick that knows your style inside out.

Imagine effortlessly converting complex wealth strategies into engaging reads. With ChatGPT, your insights flow...

A couple who booked a meeting with me were not sleeping at night because they had been doing more than R1m a year turnover from their two multi-unit AirBnB premises and they weren’t VAT registered.

What does the law say about this?

  • As soon as you exceed R1m a year VATable turnover, you must regi...

This question is only relevant when the liability date could fall either into the previous tax year or the new tax year of the seller.

Let’s say that the seller’s tax year ends on 28 February.

The Offer to Purchase was signed by both parties on 15 January 2023.

The supensive clauses were satisfie...

Generally, when you appoint an Independent Professional Trustee, you can dump them anytime you want, because the Trust Deed says that the majority of trustees can remove a trustee (except that they cannot remove you).

However, what if there are only 2 trustees, you and the professional? Again, th...

There are so many things that can go wrong with a trust deed that I devoted a whole chapter to this in my book “16 Steps to Wealth”

Here are a few of them –

  • The founder makes a donation of R100 to form the trust, but that means the Trustees are obliged, in terms of the Trust Propert Control Act,...

I have been having trouble trying to open My IT lady spent a lot of time trying to sort it out and eventually gave up, so I Googled the problem, specifically referring to Shutterstock.

It turned out that mine was not the only instance. In fact I got to a Shutterstock message sta...

The General Laws (Anti Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing) Amendment Act was a futile attempt to avoid our being grey listed. It became law in December 2022 and requires that all companies submit their Beneficial Ownership return to CIPC, and to re-submit whenever this information...

Evidently about mid 2022 SARS posted a letter onto it’s website advising anybody that was lucky enough to stumble on it that it had set up a new platform for import and export licenses.

It advised traders that they must migrate to the new platform (they called it “onboarding”)

Of course, nobody s...

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