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We are completely different to all of the rest

It makes no difference how experienced you are in business or how knowledgeable you are about tax or trusts, you can always learn more.

Our CEO, Derek Springett, will gladly spend as much time with you as you like, and as often as you like, adding his knowledge, experience and insights to help you move forward in life and achieve your goals.

There’s no need to attend seminars when you can rather have a one-on-one with a true expert, and then come back repeatedly for more. They are all absolutely free, and there’s no need to do business with our company.

Despite the old adage, “Nothing is for free”, this is the one place where you get truly free advice with absolutely no strings attached.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at the reviews on our home page, then try it! Here’s where you book your free meetings.


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Your cart is awaiting your next purchase, so please proceed to the Home page and continue shopping. If you are leaving your cart because of problems, why not give us a call on our 24 hr numbers 063 866 8928 or 011 805 0030 (subject to load shedding)? If all else fails, call Derek, our CEO on 082 552 9696. We’ll do what we can to help