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Occasionally either my wife, Helen, or I come up with a cure for an ailment that is not mentioned anywhere on Google. It’s just our bodies telling us what they need. Here are a few examples.

Itchy bites

This is one from Helen. Sure, you can use an anti-hystamine cream, and they often help, but how about blowing hot air onto the bite with your (or your wife’s) hairdryer? That’s what she does and it works like a charm!

Scabby hands

At my age, it is almost a given that I will develop scabby patches on the backs of my hands. I used to go to my dermatologist every few months to get them frozen. They would go away, then return again ready for the next consultation. Then I started using exfoliating gloves in the shower and each morning I give them a good scrubbing, alternating with a glove on the other hand. End of problem!


During the last year, I have, for the first time in my life, had exzema in two completely different places. It’s very unsightly, itchy and uncomfortable. My daughter told me to use a kelp based cream. It didn’t work. My dermatologist gave me cortizone cream. It didn’t work. My doctor then gave me a different cortizone cream. Her’s didn’t work either. She warned me not to exfoliate. Something within me said Tea Tree oil. I tried it (and exfoliated regularly). I have no exzema now.

Essential tremours

You may have read how I cured essential tremors with mind power. That was the most dramatic self cure ever.

High frequency deafness

I recently decided to try mind power to overcome my high frequency deafness. I promised to report back. It didn’t work! I had figured that I could open up the path from my ears via the thalami to the brain as I did with the tremours, but the cause for the deafness is not mental, it’s entirely physical. There’s a little shell-like structure in the hearing system that contains a disk of tiny hairs (image from Google).


When these hairs vibrate, we are hearing different frequencies. The problem is that they start to die off as we grow older, starting around the age of 20, slowly at first, but more noticeably from 60 onwards. So now I’ve switched my mind power to the hairs themselves to  see if I can get them to grow again, pity I can’t get hair restorer in there!

So, listen to your body! It may be trying to tell you something.

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