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You may have read my article on Mind Power and Essential Tremors in which I describe how, about 2 years ago, I cured my uncontrollable shaking hands using my mindpower techniques and thereby saved my medical aid the R1m that they had pre-authorised for a brain operation. I’ve now decided to cure my high frequency deafness the same way.

It’s a well known fact that if you go public on something you intend to achieve, you increase your chances of success dramatically. So I’ve decided to challenge myself publicly to self cure my high frequency deafness (let’s call it HFD).

The background is this. I remember that in science at school we were told that the older people get the more prone they are to HFD. About three years ago, aged 72, I felt I had to go to an audiologist with a developing problem – I was having difficulty picking up the consonants (which are higher pitched than vowels) in ordinary conversation. She was surprised that I knew the diagnosis. She fitted me out with frequency selective hearing aids which I have worn ever since.

A few nights ago, Helen and I were talking about this and she wondered how come I had remembered that tiny snippet of a science class over so many years. Perhaps, she suggested, I have been carrying it subconsciously all this time and that it had become a self fulfilling prophesy. In other words that I had programmed myself to HFD. If that is the case, then surely I can rewrite the programme?

Now we get to the interesting part. I cured the essential tremors by engaging with my thalami (two bits in the old brain) through which the signals from my hands pass on the way to other parts of my brain. In order to avoid sensory overload, the thalami act like a gate that closes off part of the signal (and introduced a delay that caused the shakes). I simply opened the gates wide in just one session of mind power and my essential tremors stopped immediately and almost totally. They have not returned.

What is interesting is that all sensory inputs, with the exception of smell, pass through the thalami on their way to the relevant part(s) of the brain. That includes the sense of hearing! If I can open two gates for my hands (one left, one right), I can open two more for my ears.

Three days ago I stopped wearing the hearing aids and so far I haven’t missed them. Of course, the acid test will be when I go for a checkup with the audiologist. Let’s hope she’s also blown away as my neurologist was! I’ll let you know.

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