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I get so many people asking me why we have not registered them as shareholders at CIPC, it’s time to explain.

  • Members of CCs are registered at CIPC (because they are, amongst other things, “directors” of the CC).
  • Directors of companies are registered at CIPC.
  • Shareholders are not registered anywhere, except in the share register.
  • The share register is usually an Excel sheet filed on the server at the registered office of the company. That’s it! There’s the only place you will find the shareholders.
  • A share certificate is issued by the company secretaries to the shareholder and that is proof of ownership.
  • Share certificates must be signed by the company secretary and one director or by just two directors.
  • When shares are transferred, the old share certificate is cancelled and new a new one issued.
  • The transfer is recorded in the share register.

Got it?


    1. Hi Harold,
      A share certificate is proof of ownership of shares, so we would need an affidavit from you stating either that you own the shares, but did not produce a share certificate or that you have lost the share certificate.
      We would then prepare the share register and the share certificate.
      I will send you a quotation.
      It is important to understand that the company must submit a Beneficial Ownership return to CIPC. They will enforce this from 1 July by not permitting the company to file its annual return to CIPC unless the BO return has been submitted, so I will quote for that too.

  1. Hi

    I am looking for a certificate of the shareholders of Ikhutseng Bottle store in Monnakato


  2. Lucas Machingoane

    I am looking for the certificate of the shareholders of Apex Mechanical Tools in Qhebhega.

    1. Hi Lucas,
      There is no company with that name. If you can email me with the correct name and company registration number, we can quote you for the share certificate and share register. My email is Please explain on your email what you would like us to do as I won’t connect it with your comment here.

  3. Hi Derek

    I want to buy rental properties in Trust.
    However, I am worried about the tax I will pay for receiving the annual profits from the trust.

    Is it advisable to have the Trust have my holding company as beneficiary and then Trust pays the annual profits to the holding company?

  4. Thanks for the advise, just a short question.

    Upon registering a Trust, registering a new company owned by the Trust and I as director, receiving income and reinvesting all profits for growth.

    Will a structure like that be advisable?

  5. Adroit Tivani

    Hello, I am a sole director of a pty ltd, I wanted to transfer all my interest (ownership and/or all shares) in the company into a family trust, how do I about the process, and how can u assist me with getting a share certificate for the trust in respect of the company?

  6. Hi. How do I get a copy of a share register of a company? Can I go to CIPC?

    1. Hi Louwne,
      As we stand right now CIPC does not have any record of the shareholders. This will change when the Anti money laundering returns get up and running.
      The share register should have been prepared by whoever prepared the share certificates and will be on their server.
      If share certificates were not issued, then we can assist. Please phone 011 805 0030 or email
      Ask for a quotation for R1 520. Once you have paid, you will need to email her how many shares were issued (probably 100), to whom and their ID number(s) and physical address(es).

  7. Hi Derek

    With the new CIPC beneficial owner disclosure requirement, does a trust owned company have to upload their share register to reflect the trustees / beneficiaries as ultimate beneficial owners?

    1. Hi Matt,
      Now, I’m sure I responded to you, but don’t see my response anywhere. I’ll keep this response short.
      The answer is yes, we will have to upload something of the kind, but don’t know in exactly what form at this stage.
      Surprisingly, the Master of the High Court has already published their similar requirements on their Portal, so I guess CIPC will do so soon as well.

  8. jimmy bongane shabela

    We are looking the shearholders certificate of a company jbshabela contruction and project (PTY)Ltd.

    1. Hi Jimmy,
      The correct company name is JB SHABELA CONSTRUCTION AND PROJECTS (PTY) LTD
      If you deposit R1 520 into our account Standard Bank A/c 420 341 927 referenced 216520, we will prepare the share certificate and the share register. will need the full name, ID and address of each shareholder. Also the number of shares each.

  9. Danny Ramsuchit

    Hi Derek, thank you for the note. Just a clarification, in the event of a small company with only one director and where the director also serves as company secretary, would one signature suffice on the share certificates?

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