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Trusts and Estate Planning

We form a lot of trusts and never cease to be amazed at how the founders let them fall asleep.

It is a common misperception that once you’ve paid for something you can forget about it. We find this with trusts, wills, bookkeeping, tax returns and a whole bunch of the services that we offer.

You need to understand that when you form a trust or buy a shelf company, that’s only the beginning. But we even have great difficulty just getting our clients to the point where we can actually form their trust or change the directors of their shelf company. Months sometimes pass before we get what we want.

We’ve tried to figure out why and have come to the conclusion that the fact of paying for the service seems to imply that the responsibility has shifted entirely to us professionals.

For this reason we’ve adopted a no-refund policy. Then after about 6 months or so we’ll advise the client that we’ve closed the file and we stop reminding them. Not the kind of service that we like to give but Hey! There’s only so much that we can do in a vacuum.


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