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Covid has changed our lifestyles so much that it got me thinking about the future of investment properties.

Consider this –

  • Many people (me included) have realised that there’s no need to go to work in an office. The universal acceptance of Zoom, Google Meet and now, even Whatsapp, have changed that.
  • Office space is now left empty and unlettable.
  • Some of us (me included) have even taken the next step and realised that if they work from home, then home can be anywhere. So why own property in one place, when you can rent (and move on) wherever you fancy?

So how about this for a new model?

  • Start with the Regus concept. Office space with all facilities made available on a flexible, short term basis.
  • Ensure that the property is secure from criminals.
  • Add residential apartments to that building. The families will be spending a lot of time there, so ditch this modern trend towards pokey little rooms. Make them spacious and a joy to live in.
  • Provide only sufficient parking and instead lay grass, swimming pool, swings etc. for children to play. Provide supervision so that parents can confidently leave their kids there while they go to work in the office spaces provided.
  • Add centralised schooling accessible at each facility via remote meeting software, so that the parents do not have the worry (and risk) of transporting their kids to school. Back this up with on-site teachers to supervise and assist with homework.

Is this what the future holds? I think so. If I were still looking for investment opportunities, this is where my money would be going.


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