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My wife, Helen and I have debated this quite often. For me it is a strong driver, for her it is a cop out justification.

Her argument is that people should best live within the norms of society and not “do their own thing” which could involve crime, drugs, hurting others etc. I agree with her entirely, so it all boils down to how one reads the meaning of the expression “Unto thine own self be true”.

I read it as meaning that your inner guide is the best guide to being a better person. There are those of you who will argue that God is your best guide and that is why you pray for direction. I will not argue with you. I happen to believe that when I meditate I am also praying, but to the God that resides within me. Not so different to what you believe is it?

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, I firmly believe that you should listen to your inner soul (whether it is guided by a Supreme Being or not) and do what it tells you to do, whatever the cost or risk to you.

We work in a very high risk profession and often have to make a call about our response to the behaviour of a client knowing that if we report them (as we are legally obliged to do) for an irregularity, we will certainly lose their (often substantial) business. Many times, we could cover up the “indiscretion” and nobody would ever know. We never, ever, do. What we will do, however, is encourage the client to put matters right and if they agree, may still report them (with their knowedge) and then report later that the matter has been cleared up and the irregularity no longer exists.

We listen to our inner selves. This ensures that we act with integrity at all times. It gives us the answer to all dillemas. We have never yet been undecided about what is the right thing for us to do.

Be true to yourself.


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