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I owe this one to Sedley Burger (here’s Mark, his son, carrying on the business). He taught us Relaxaction and it has remained with me for 40 years.

It is a method of relaxation including a subconscious call to action that follows similar steps to hypnosis, except that you do it with yourself (self hypnosis, I guess).

Amongst it is the expression “Love yourself, love others and love life”. Why in that order?

Because you cannot love others if you do not love yourself. So what do we mean by loving yourself? Well, take a step back and have a good look at yourself, who you are, what you think, what emotions do you carry around with you, your fears, your reactions -all of those things. Do you love what you see? And if you find something that is not perfect do you truly forgive yourself for that imperfection and work on changing it? Are you at peace with yourself or are you full of fear, negative emotion, defensive reactions?

Only when you are truly at peace with yourself do you truly love yourself and only then can you give your love freely to others and only then can you truly love life.

Now this will sound like a load of twaddle if you can’t stop and think honestly about it. Unfortunately, I found at Sedley Burger’s Self Management courses that the very people who could have benefited most were the very ones who were unable to take what he taught on board. That’s OK. It was where they were at in life.

But for those of you who identify with what I’ve said, here’s the pay-off. Once you love yourself, you can build your life and yes, your business, on love and you will prosper, financially and emotionally.

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