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If you think you can or you think you can’t, chances are you are right. (Henry Ford).

OK. Try this one. Run through in your mind all the people you know. Try to find someone who succeeded in achieving something despite believing that they couldn’t. Find anybody? Unlikely.

Now search for people who are unhappy with where they are at, who envy where others are, who wish they had other peoples’ luck. Find anybody? Plenty.

Thinking you can is not becoming a wannabe, a starry-eyed dreamer (although dreaming dreams is powerful if used properly), it is what it says it is – thinking (knowing) that you can. I said in an earlier post. “This is going to be a great year. Why? Because I’m going to make it one” or words to that effect.. That is what makes success succeed.

Easy to say, difficult to do. So how do you start?

Ever heard of goal setting? Back to Sedley Burger (hell, I owe that guy) “Desire to reach and utilise your full potential, your goals are the key to achieving this” (part of the technique of Relaxaction that he taught me some 40 years ago and which I use to this day). “you goals are the key“. So, set yourself a goal. It must be achievable and realistic. It must be something that your really want. “If I acheve nothing else during the next x months, I will achieve this, by then”. Decide, absolutely, that you can and will achieve that goal. Think about it continuously (i.e. keep returning your thoughts to it), smile every time you think about achieving it (the inner smile will communcate with your subconscious), do whatever it takes. If this doesn’t work, you didn’t follow the instructions. Read them again and have another go. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll become a success in whatever you seek in life. If you don’t, you didn’t want to so stop being a wannabe.


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