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Here’s how to free up the flow of ch’i or prana in your rooms.

Just as the flow of prana or ch’i through your body can get stuck, so the flow through spaces, such as rooms can get stuck. By applying feng shui principles, you can improve this flow, but there’s another technique. It’s called creating sacred space and is closely related to minimalism.

Think of a room, your study, for instance. Are there shelves or cupboards stacked with piles of books, old documents, boxes of clutter? Have you got junk on your desk that does not get used or dealt with? Have you got documents lying around that could easily be scanned, filed on your computer and then thrown away? And you computer. Is the desktop clean or cluttered? Are documents neatly filed in a structured way or dumped in a general personal or business folder. Do you leave stuff in your email Inbox even after you have dealt with it?

Sounds to me like your study is full of energy traps. The ch’i tries to flow smoothly through the space but gets stuck in those cluttered corners. The energy stops flowing, the room dies, it does not invigorate you, it pulls you down.

So, how can you turn it into a sacred space?

1) Clean out the junk.

2) Ensure everything is neat and tidy.

3) Now comes the silly part. Ideally you need a small tinkly bell (I found mine in one of those esoteric shops). Go to each corner of the room, tinkling the bell. This frees up the stuck energy, gets it ready to start flowing.

4) Now go to each corner and hum loadly. If you know the yoga haum, use that. Otherwise find a pitch that you’re comfortable with and that kind of resonates with the room.

That’s it. Sounds a bit daft, I know, but it works. And if nothing else, you’ve now got a tidy workspace!



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