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You’ll see earlier posts about “Sell them in bunches like bananas” and “The Power of Google Adwords“.

Both are very relevant to your marketing approach, but the best I can do for you is an old quote that came in its original form from Albert Einstein –

“It is a fool who keeps on doing the same thing expecting different results”

This has been paraphrased into “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got!” I guess Einstein was good on ideas and a bit weak on words.

I’ve taken this same expression and punched it into our marketing philosophy –

“If you only do what your competitors do, you’ll only get what your competitors get”

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be in there biting the rats. They can bite each other! My job in the practice is to make us different to the rest.

So how to be different? Simple. Think different! Turn off the car radio, leave the tele to the kids. Think, think, think. What can I do that will make us different from the rest? How can we give a better impression? (It’s not just about giving better service, it’s how you make sure that your client feels that you care). What other products, services can we develop and sell. How can we turn a small sale into a big one or a lot more small ones? I can’t give you the answers, I don’t know your business. But you do.

You’ll have plenty of ideas once you get the hang of it. They won’t all mature. Some will even fade by the next morning. But occasionally you’ll get one that takes off. Don’t stop thinking! You need to have more than one pot on the fire. At least one warming up, one cooking and another ready to eat! I confess that I have times when my mind is less productive than others. I always strive to have one great idea before breakfast. That is just about impossible, but I do keep trying and I bet I have more great ideas than someone who doesn’t try.


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