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My vision changed dramatically from when I had new lenses in March to when I went to the optometrist again in November.

He told me that it was either diabetes or the start of cataracts. I checked clear for diabetes, so he sent me to an ophthalmic surgeon, who confirmed that I was, indeed, developing cataracts. In the early stages, this can cause your lenses to change shape, hence my change in vision.

He booked me in for the operation a week later and I got scared. I knew that I would be conscious, and could imagine seeing this guy cutting up my eyes (I had elected to have them both done at the same time).

Fortunately our art teacher had had the same op, by the same surgeon, several years back and she assured me that all she saw was coloured light.

Now I’m going to assure you. There’s absolutely nothing to be scared of. Nada! You will be sedated and won’t see or feel a thing except the occasional washing of your eyes during the procedure.

How long to recover? For me, one day! By noon the following day, after I had been back for the post-operative appointment, I could have driven myself home. Sure the sun was a bit bright so sunglasses were good, but I could see the finest detail on the horizon. My condition had not been very advanced, so I didn’t really notice improvement in colours, except purples oddly enough, but wow! I had never seen as sharply as this. And I look pretty cool wearing Ray-Bans – another first.

Now for the downside. I had elected infinite vision in both eyes with stigmatism correction. Great, until I needed to read something. Off to Dischem to buy +2 reading glasses (I only chose that strength because Helen also uses +2s). Three pairs. One for my office, one for the living rooms and one for the car. And don’t go to the shops without them!

So, if you need it, just do it!


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