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Hey, ever wished you could multiply your writing output without sacrificing your unique touch? Well, meet ChatGPT – it’s like having a writing sidekick that knows your style inside out.

Imagine effortlessly converting complex wealth strategies into engaging reads. With ChatGPT, your insights flow naturally, just like a chat with a trusted advisor. No need to be a writing whiz.

So, here’s the thing. ChatGPT isn’t about replacing you, it’s about being your co-writer, amplifying your voice, and letting you do what you do best – connect with your audience.

Give it a shot and see your influence soar.


So, what do you think of my latest article above?

Actually it’s not my work. I asked ChatGPT to write it for me. It took it about 3 goes with me coaching it in between, to get it to write in something approaching my style, but I reckon the end result is not too bad.

Here are extracts from my interaction with the Bot. They may help you if you decide to try it for yourself.

User If you do not have access to my blog articles at, please say so and I will send you some samples. I want you to write, in my style, an article about how ChatGPT can write blog articles as if they were written by me. Keep it short.
ChatGPT Thank you for providing this information, Derek. I have taken note of your request. Please give me a moment to absorb this information and then I will be ready to assist you further.
Followed by its first effort

ChatGPT I hope this captures the essence of what you were looking for, Derek. If you’d like any adjustments, feel free to let me know.


User Not my style at all. It reads as if you are trying to sell ChatGPT rather than to simply bring its potential to an audience that is not comfortable writing articles themselves.

Followed by its second effort

ChatGPT I hope this better captures the tone you were looking for, Derek. If you have any further suggestions or adjustments in mind, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


User Nope. I was hoping to fool my audience into thinking that I wrote the article and then disclosing to them that it was written by ChatGPT. However, anyone (and there are about 5 000 of them) that reads my articles will spot the difference immediately. I talk to people when I write, not at them.
Followed by the final one which I have reproduced above.

If I had written the article it would have looked something like this –

Hey! Anyone ever heard of ChatGPT? If you have a website with a blog, but don’t have the confidence to write interesting articles, this magic tool could help you. You can simply Google ChatGPT to get the tool up and running.

Best would be to tell the computer as much as you can about yourself and your business (you only have to do this once). The more information you give it the better will be the results.

Then, give it as much information as you can about the article that you want it to write. and ask it to write a short, friendly, blog article. You can always edit the article before publishing it if it doesn’t quite do the job for you, but it will at least give you something to work on. Give it a go!

You see some similarity in style?


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