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No-one in the company has more interest in making it succeed than you, so it’s your energy that makes things happen.

Energy is not about huffing and puffing, scrambling around putting out fires, yelling on the phone at delinquent suppliers. No. Energy is so much more subtle, and so much more powerful.

The Asian nations understand this so much better then us Westerners. They call it Chi, Qi or Ki and they treat it with the utmost respect.

The arts of kung-fu, Reiki, chi-gung, karate, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, feng shui, all rely on the control and channeling of this essential energy.

No, I’m not saying that you have to practice any of that in order to build your successful business. I am saying that your channeled, focused, positive energy is what will make the difference between mediocrity and success. It is the spark of life that keeps your company vibrant, inventive, responsive to change, a creator of change. So –

  • Your mental health is critical. Learn to nurture it.
  • Your physical health is critical. Respect your body.
  • Only entertain positive energy. Be generous in your thoughts. Be trusting, loving and kind to your staff.
  • Banish negative energy. Feelings of revenge, anger, resentment, a desire to punish all produce negative energy, which is highly destructive.
  • The winners are the ones who don’t fight, who don’t trade in their positive energy for negative energy.

Never sit back and relax on the job. Stay alert, be creative, know what’s going on. Listen to your customers, especially any that complain.


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