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Why do we have so many beggars in Johannesburg?

Why do we have so many street vendors selling counterfeit goods at our robots?

Now if you were thinking of going into the begging business you would surely start off with a belief – “People give to beggars”. If they didn’t you wouldn’t go into the business would you?

Same with counterfeit goods – “People buy cheap versions fo the real thing”. If they didn’t you wouldn’t go into the business would you?

How about stolen goods? – “There’s always a market for stolen goods”. If there wasn’t, people wouldn’t steal would they?

I wonder how many people would grow up normally instead of being crippled shortly after birth if you stopped handing money to beggars?

You think your feel good actions are helping others? You think you got a bargain when you bought a cheap secondhand cellphone or a movie at half the price in the shops? Forget it, you’re just supporting a particularly vicious industry.



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