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Dear Cyril, There’s so much wrong with South Africa, you can’t possibly know where to start.

There’s only one way out of your dilemma. You need to learn the technique of Dreaming Dreams. Here, I’ll teach you –

But let’s just have a little chat first, to set the scene…

If you try to prioritise your actions, you’ll find yourself trying to put out one fire while something else has to be left to burn. But so many of these fires are devastating and have to be tackled immediately. And how will you ever know whether this fire feeds that one or that one feeds this one? Is lawlessness the result of poverty, corrupt policing, lack of education……….? The equation has so many variables that I doubt that Einstein could have figured out cause and effect. So here’s what you do –

Dreaming Dreams

Find a quiet room, sit comfortably upright, rest your hands on your knees, close your eyes and breath deeply and gently.

Listen intently to your breath and relax you body (don’t slump).

Calm your thoughts. If thoughts do intrude, don’t block them, just let them go. Focus on your breath.

When you feel completely relaxed you can dream the dream. Ignore where the country is at. Just picture it the way you would like it to be. Picture the perfect South Africa, not less crime, less unemployment, less this, less that. No, picture the perfect ideal, 100% employment, zero crime, love and harmony, then get excited about it!. Your subconcious only understands pictures and emotion, so see it in all of its glory. Keep going while you feel your energies pumping into the picture. Become overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Do this every day, Cyril, and you will immediately (yes, not soon, immediately!) find that your dream starts coming true. You won’t have to plan consciously, you will be driven by your subconscious. Everything that you think and do will be consistent with your dream.

And mountains will move.

Why it works

OK, Cyril, so now you know it works. But why is it so powerful? The fact is that your subconscious has far more computing power than your conscious. Think of the amount of data that it processes, the multitude of tasks it performs and the number of complex problems that it solves all simulateously and without your even being aware of it. You will have found that you started having zero tolerance to anything that did not move you towards the fulfilment of your dream. No more priorities. Just the dream.

Kind regards,

Derek Springett, CEO of HArbour & AssociatesNeed expert financial and business advice?

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