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I’ve just replaced all of our downlighter globes with LEDs. There are about 50 of them, so at 4W each, that’s power consumption equivalent to two 100W globes.

But there are a couple of catches that you should be aware of.

Let’s look at the other plusses first.

1) They don’t get hot so the downlighter fittings will last much longer.

2) The transformers don’t get hot because the power is so low, so they’ll last much longer.

3) The fire risk drops dramatically for the same reason.

Now the downsides.

1) You need to make a call – Cool White or Warm White? Then don’t muddle them up in the same room and be careful when you buy, the difference is on the box but in very small print.

2) They are directional unlike the old downlighters which had a reflector behind the bulb, so you get bright circular patches on the floor under each downlighter and relatively little peripheral light. This means that the house is generally not as brightly lit. It helps to have swivel fittings so that you can direct the light to where you need it.


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