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The absolute minimum cost is represented by the CIPC fees which are R50 to reserve a name and R175 to register the company. However, it is much easier to pay a little more and get professionals to do the job.

They do it all the time so get the job done right first time and therefore more quickly than you would yourself. Typically their fees would be a total of R1 980 and these will often include a few extras, which themselves have value.

Harbour and Associates, for instance, for R1 980 offers the most extras and these include –

  • Share cetificates
  • Share register
  • Tax registration
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • B-BBEE affidavit/certificate
  • The first 6 months bookkeeping free and with no obligation to continue
  • Unlimited free meetings regarding tax and any business related topics with their CEO, a Pr(Eng); CA(SA)

Company Partners, for a similar price of R1 990 include –

  • Tax registration
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Bank account
  • B-BBEE affidavit
  • CSD registration
  • One 10 minute free consultation

Shelf Company Warehouse only charge R950 and include just –

  • Share certificates

OneReg charge R775 and include –

  • Tax registration
  • Tax Clearance Certificate

SA Company Formations fee is R850 for a “full house” which includes –

  • Tax registration
  • Share certificates
  • CSD registration

Beresford Consulting offer The following for R1 550 –

  • Tax registration
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • B-BBEE affidavit
  • CSD registration

There are numerous others. Notice how the lower the price, generally, the smaller the delivery. So be careful when making your choice, a few Rands saved at the beginning can cause unnecessary additional expenses later when it comes time to fill in the gaps.


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