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We often get requests for a shelf company with an import/export licence. I can understand why, the application to SARS is a nightmare.

We’re doing two applications right now. Each one is 1/2cm thick! That’s even worse than a VAT application. And I doubt that the documents will be accepted, even though this is our second shot at these particular two. The trouble is, as usual, SARS keep moving the goal posts and to make things worse, not all of the consultants at SARS agree on where the goal posts are, so one will reject your documents because of one thing but assure you that you only have to fix that, then you fix it and go back to another consultant only to be rejected again because of something else.


My advice to you is don’t try it for yourself. Sure we charge a few thousand rands to do the job, but what price the repeated rejection (not counting the fact that in order to get through the system within about two hours, you need to arrive at SARS at about 06h45 and wait until they open at 08h30. But don’t go on a Wednesday, at least, not to Edenvale. On Wednesdays they open at 09h00 and that last half hour is a very long half hour, believe me.


  1. Hi, I want to start exporting high end jewelery pieces from south africa. I need a shelf company to purchase with the relevant export permits related to jewellery etc. This is to ensure that my international customers receive their products with no issues at customs etc. Could you please assist and let me know what costs I am looking at for a shelf company with all in place from you , as well as timelines for when it would be ready? Looking forward to your feedback.


    1. Hi Roxanne,
      We do not have any companies with export licenses right now. There is one in process at SARS, but Unfortunately, I cannot give you a timeline. They cost R21 500.
      The alternative is to get us to form a new company for R475, then register it as an exporter for R5 250. Nothing can happen until my staff return on 11 January 2023.

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