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You’ve got no money left. The bank won’t lend you any more. There are no orders coming in. You can’t pay your staff.

Do you want to give up, or do you want to fight back?

   1)   You are not alone. I wouldn’t be writing this if you were.

   2)   You are an entrepreneur. Your job is to win, despite the odds.

   3)   Think of the others as the competition. I mean all the others, not just the ones in your industry.

   4)   This is now a competition to see who has the resilience, the creativity and the determination to pull through. You’re going to be one of them.

      a)   Creativity is the key.

      b)   The best way to get creative is to sit down, close your eyes , and imagine your business in 6 months or a year’s time.

      c)   Ignore the obstacles, just see the end result. This is where we’ll be!

      d)   Don’t be overly ambitious, but don’t be overly pessimistic. See it recovered, self-sufficient and productive.

      e)   Get excited about what you see. It can happen. Others will pull through and so will you!

      f)   Take note of any random ideas that pop into your head, but don’t let them take over. Keep returning to the vision. Stay excited.

      g)   Do this every morning.

      h)   Carry it with you during the day.

Ideas will start popping into your head. This is your subconscious solving the problem for you and guiding you towards your goal. It’s dealing with the obstacles that I told you to ignore.

      a).  So you can’t pay your staff. So they haven’t got jobs. Will they work for you for nothing, just to rebuild their jobs?

      b)   Nobody has the money to buy what you sell. Can you think of something they would buy if you could supply it?

      c)   Maybe a service rather than a product, they’re also struggling. Can you help them solve their problems and move their business forward?

These are ideas that have popped into my head. Writing this article was another one. I can’t guess what your solutions will be. All I know is what Henry Ford said –

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”


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