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I remember being taught in school that older people are likely to suffer from high frequency deafness. Lord knows why they taught us that or why it stuck in my sieve-like brain.

But stick it did, so when it happened to me, I knew what it was. Off to the audiologist and yup! you’ve got it mate. So now I wear hearing aids, which thankfully, are almost invisible. But they do block one’s ears and that means I can’t hear my smart phone so well.

Now, if I had an iPhone, I could download an app that would link my phone to my hearing aids and all would be well. Problem is that I already rely heavily on Helen to help me with Android, and she’s not about to migrate to an iPhone.

I had another problem. I hold my meetings on Zoom or Google Meet and used a microphone camera plus speakers. The feedback from the mike to the speakers caused chaos.

Both problems were solved when I bought a Jabra headset. It uses Bluetooth to link to my computer and to my cellphone. Not only is there no feedback during meetings, but I can walk around the house holding a conversation with my phone in my pocket. The headset volume can by adjusted on the fly, so blocked ears or no, I can hear perfectly well. And I can even put a meeting on hold and  answer a call just by pressing one button on the headset.

Love it!


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