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Annual Returns to CIPC are due during the month following that of the anniversary of the date of Incorporation (nothing to do with the Financial year end).

If returns are not submitted, the company or CC will be de-registered by CIPC.

When that happens, we have to apply to restore (actually reversing the de-registration). This is now either impossible or a nightmare process including advertising in the newspaper and other demanding requirements. Only after restoration are we able to determine which Annual Returns are outstanding and then submit the outstanding returns and pay the late fees.

CIPC charge a fee based on turnover for each Annual Return. Their fees are free of VAT and not the same for CCs and Companies.

CIPC fees for Companies

Return On time Late
Annual if turnover <R1m 100 150
Annual if turnover <R10m 450 600
Annual if turnover <R25m 2 000 2 500
Annual if turnover R25m + 3 000 4 000
Restoration if de-registered 200
Our fee for submission of both Annual Returns 970 970
Our fee for restoration if company ownes no fixed property, but company was trading at the time of de-registration. 6 500 6 500
Our fee for restoration if company owns fixed property 8 800  8800

CIPC fees for CCs

Return On time Late
Annual if turnover <R50m 100 250
Annual if turnover R50m + 4 000 4 150
Restoration if de-registered 200
Our fee for submission of both Annual Returns 970 970
Our fee for restoration if no fixed property involved, but CC was trading at the time of de-registration 6 500 6500
Our fee for restoration if fixed property involved 8 800 8800


  1. I have registered my company in 2019 but have never done any submissions to SARS or CIPC(heard of CIPC payments on your website) and on the SARS point i never did because in my interpretation….i do not have to if i make less than R 1m  as a micro business .
    * What would the fees be for both SARS and CIPC if my annual profit did not exceed 100k per annum ?
    *What would your fees ,if i want you to apply for a clearance certificate for me?
    *Will there be other fees outstanding or involved?

    1. Hi Ansley,
      Too many questions to answer here. I will email you.
      But for the sake of my readers, your thinking is all screwed up. You do not have to register for VAT if your turnover is less than R1m. It’s got nothing to do with income tax. Even a company that has never traded must submit 2 provisional tax returns a year, 1 annual tax return, 2 annual returns to CIPC plus a once only beneficial ownership return to CIPC.

  2. Thabo Nkosi

    I was suppose to pay for my annual returns on February
    My return is less than R1m

    1. Hi Thabo,
      If you had paid in February, the CIPC fee would have been R100, but you didn’t so the fee includes a R50 penalty, so will now be R150.
      If you would like us to quote for the submission, please email
      You should also be aware that a once only Beneficial Ownership return is required to be submitted to CIPC.

  3. Good Day Derek

    I have registered a company with CIPC me and my partner but haven’t made any money, now I need to know when will we need to pay for filing and how it is done and all the documents needed because we don’t want it to be deregistered also about SARS and how to go on with their paper work also. We got it quicker before our things could come right but we don’t want to lose hope on it that’s why we need to be up to date.

  4. Paul Phiri

    My company was de registered. I submitted the required CoO.40.5 and 1 year bank statements, Directors ID and receiced no Acknowledgement letter or Reference Number from Cipro. I then read somewhere that they can take between 8 – 12 weeks for a response. If I go the legal route with you, what sort of timeframes should i expect?

  5. Mmasechaba Mohlala

    Hello, I had a turnover of less than R1m last year(2023). How much will my late annual return be and how do I go about it if the website Keeps saying home affairs is offline.

  6. Good day

    I have opened a company in 2022 December, but it never got to operate at all. Can you be able to assist to submit the zero return declarations.

    1. Hi Murendeni,
      Yes we can. There are quite a lot, unfortunately:
      1st and 2nd Provisional Tax Returns for each tax year.
      Annual Tax Return for each tax year.
      Annual CIPC Return every year.
      Beneficial Ownership Return to CIPC, once only.
      Please call Tumi at 011 805 0030.she will assist you with a quotation.

  7. We are a nonprofit organization and our turnover for 2023 is 10m but we were not charged according to the table shared above, we were charged 2000 for annual return and 500 penalties. How did it come to this?

    And as a nonprofit organization do we need to pay charges because we don’t make profit.

    1. Hi Humility,
      Your charges were correct. The late fee for less than R10m is R600. You are above that turnover, so your fee is the one for less than R25m, in other words R2 500.
      Non Profit Companies are not exempt from CIPC fees.

  8. Legida group pty ltd

    I have failed to pay my CIPC annual return even though my company didn’t make money. I want to renew my documents and start trading

    1. Hi Loyiso/Simphiwe,
      There are two years outstanding. That is easily fixed. Total cost is R1 270 including CIPC fees and penalties. You will find our banking details under ABOUT US at
      We would also need to do the Beneficial Ownership return to CIPC. It costs R850 if there’s only one shareholder plus R350 for every additional shareholder. All the CIPC issues can be dealt with over Christmas.
      There may be a bigger problem if you haven’t submitted your company tax returns. If that’s the case it may have been hit with administrative penalties by SARS. We cannot assist you with SARS until the new year. If you send an email to, she will respnd in January.

  9. Hi I registered a company with my friend in 2018. It has never operated since it was started . I now want to remove my names from the business. Do you assist with this ?

  10. Elizabeth Hlongwane

    Registered the company 2017 , then failed to pay CIPC , on the 19 of November 2023 I paid R900 that was required, but now to my surprise when I try to open a business account at the I’m denied, they say I owe CIPC yet I paid

  11. I have registered a company in 2021 the has never been operating, so would you be able to help me to submit the zero return as I’m experiencing financial problems.

  12. Good day

    I have opened a company many years ago but it never got to operate at all. Can you be able to draw the CK documents for me and assist to submit the zero return declarations?

  13. Master Terminator toy ltd

    I field to pay for my buseness and I like to renew my business company


    1. Hi Rebone,
      I’m not sure of the answer to your first question. It may be just a case of disclosure. You would have to ask the relevant department.
      Regarding CIPC, they are very irregular in this regard. I have known companies be de-registered after 2 years (which is the shortest time permissible), but I’ve known others that owe 6 annual returns and are still not de-registered.
      They have recently advised that they are going to push the button, but I don’t know whether they have yet done so.

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