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We do the books for a lot of small companies and so often the boss expects the company to pay for his Big Mac. Not good.

He is expected to feed himself, so the quick bites are not considered to be in the production of income and are therefore not tax deductible.

From our point of view, we quote to do the company’s books, not the private account of the owner, so, if he (or she, though less commonly) eats almost daily from a filling station, Nando’s, MacDonalds or the like, we have to process the purchase to his loan account and then also process the bank charges relating specifically to the transaction. That’s two postings for every lunch.

When this happens, we double our fees.

What should you do? Get another credit or debit card and use that for private expenses. Use the other one strictly for business. Then we won’t have to charge you to unscramble your egg.


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