New (Pty) Ltd Company

New (Pty) Ltd company registrations include:

  • unlimited business mentoring by our CEO, Derek Springett Pr(Eng); CA(SA). Bookings via the link to his calendar on our home page.
  • Derek’s best selling book “16 Steps to Business” to help you start and build a successful business.
  • free bookkeeping for the first six months provided the company is not foreign owned or VAT registered.
  • reservation of name
  • appointment of director(s)
  • registration as an income tax payer
  • share certificate(s)
  • share register
  • tax clearance
  • B-BBEE certificate/affidavit

Not included:

  • VAT registration
  • registration as an employer
  • CIDB registration
  • bank account
  • Registration of a new company

    We will reserve your chosen name, register your company, register it for tax, send you a Tax Clearance PIN, and a BEE affidavit/certificate.

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