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We recently formed a company for someone. He wanted the name Bidvest S…….. (Pty) Ltd. I can’t say what the S…….. was but it described the kind of business that he was in.

The computer at CIPC would not see a conflict because there are so many Bidvests (52 at the last count) that it would interpret that as meaning that no-one had exclusive title to the word.

The name was approved by CIPC and we went ahead and completed the company registration.

Shortly after that he was complaining to us that the name Bidvest was a Trademark and they were stopping him from using it. He’d built his website, designed his stationery etc. and it was all our fault.


So, don’t take on the big guys. You won’t get away with it.



  1. Derek, wouldn’t perusing the listings on CPIC for “size” maybe indicate that a name was highly prized by the holder? Yes, the client chose the name, but you are the “expert” in forming the company, so sayeth the Judge! Is your Trademark and Patent Office as bogged down as ours is in the States? Trying to get an answer from them could take a couple of birthdays. LOL

    1. Hi Mac,
      There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this person knew what he was trying to pull off. The name Bidvest is all over the place because they are the only listed company that I’m aware of that buys companies in just about any business and holds a very diverse portfolio. Added to that, the same person harassed me and threatened me ceaselessly until I cut off his oxygen by simply ignoring him. He even wanted me to reimburse him for psychological expenses that were incurred many years ago.

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