CIPC de-registration

I guess you know that if you don't submit your CIPC Annual Return for your company or CC for two years running, they'll automatically de-register it.

But did you know that from 1 November 2012, the re-instatement requirements became almost impossible to satisfy? Here they are -

1) Certified copy ID of director/member

2) Certified copy ID of person making the application

3) Deed search (reflecting ownership of immovable property or not)

4) Letters from National Treasury and the Department of Public Works, indicating that such departments have no objection to the re-instatement, if it has immovable property. (My emphasis)

5) Advertisement in a local newspaper giving 21 days notice of proposed application for re-instatement

6) Affidavit indicating the reasons for non filing of annual returns, if de-registration was due to non-compliance in relation to annual returns

7) Affidavit indicating the reason for the original request for deregistration, if the company or close corporation itself applied for deregistration; and

8) Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the company or close corporation was in business or that it had any outstanding assets or liabilities (e.g. property, Intellectual property rights) at the time of deregistration.

Doesn't this just leave you speechless?

We can do it for you, but rather keep your returns up to date and avoid the pain.

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