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Even as a director, you’re on the payroll and have to pay PAYE, so most companies need to register as employers and submit monthly PAYE returns, plus two PAYE reconciliations each year. On top of that they must usually register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and COID, the old Workmen’s Compensation, and submit those returns as well (at least annually, sometimes more frequently).

Even if you have an in-house bookkeeper, you don’t want her or him seeing what everybody else earns, so it makes sense to contract this work out to us.

The service is remarkably inexpensive and is efficient and confidential.

You’ll probably want us to prepare and submit your personal tax return as well.

Harbour & Associates have been offering affordable and professional Payroll services since 1971, so you are in safe hands.

Contact Derek for a quotation or for a free consultation.